About Metaxia


Metaxia as a child, instead of playing 'Teacher Teacher' she fittingly played 'Jewellery Jewellery'. She would ask her sisters to empty their jewellery boxes then creatively using their teddies as display units. She would purchase the Jewellery using Monopoly money and swipe library cards through the keyboard to make payments. As you can no doubt tell, this is a gal who loves to shop!


Along with her love to shop, her go-getter attitude and a flare for creativity, she decided to take her jewellery making to the next level and applied for the Jewellery Design & Manufacture degree. Metaxia graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in 2009 impressing her lectures so much that she was employed as a lecturer for the Jewellery Department.


She is now a multiple award-winning designer winning both in 2009 and 2011 the prestigious De Beers Shining Light awards as well winning an award for the most evocative design in the PlatAfrica student category.


“To this day the most rewarding part of my job is visualizing a design, making it from raw materials with my hands and seeing the expression on a happy client’s face!”